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I am a semi-retired senior executive with a deep-rooted background in IT and renewable energy. In 2013, responding to a lifelong calling rather than mere ambition, I embarked on a transformative journey to be a designer and inventor and create my very own electric vehicle.

This shift from a high-flying corporate career (where I held influential roles from Product Management to CEO, representing tech giants like Intel, Acer, and Microsoft), marked a significant pivot in my life. It wasn't just a career change; it was a liberating escape from the expectations and constraints of corporate life, allowing me to rediscover and express my true self.

Reflecting on my 40-year career that spans two dynamic industries, I am grateful for the journey and excited about continuing to innovate and inspire in the world of technology and sustainable energy.

Over the past decade, my life has been a whirlwind of innovation and creativity. I successfully married my expertise in electronic engineering with my passion for renewable energy, creating several "objects of my desire." Not only did I build and now enjoy driving my electric vehicle, but I've also assisted others in building their own, including several paid projects for coachbuilders. My projects culminated in developing a patented, award-winning modular renewable energy storage system.

In addition to my inventive endeavours, I've authored two books and am now pursuing yet another lifelong aspiration; to become a professionally trained automotive designer. This dream traces back to my youth when, at the tender age of 14, I suggested that my parents send me to the Ecole de l'Auto in Switzerland to pivot towards auto design. However, life had other plans. My natural aptitude and a fervent interest in electronics soon took centre stage, leading me to excel and earn a distinction in the City & Guilds Radio, TV, and Computer Studies. Now, I'm revisiting that early passion, steering my creative journey back to the future in automotive design.

My Purpose as a Designer and Inventor

As a young pubescent adult, I once peered under the bonnet of my dad's car and was struck by a thought: Why was everything so complicated when my super-fast slot car had a simple, small, and battery-driven electric motor? This early curiosity sparked my lifelong passion for electric vehicles and simplifying complex systems through innovative design.

Driven by a deep-rooted belief in the power of technology and renewable energy, my purpose as a designer and inventor extends beyond mere creation; it is about devising sustainable solutions that revolutionize how we interact with the world. I believe that innovation is not just about building new things; it's about making them elegant, accessible and understandable, ensuring they serve everyone equitably.

Empathy guides my approach, compelling me to consider the diverse needs of those who produce and those who will use my inventions. This commitment to non-discrimination ensures that my designs are inclusive, catering to a broad spectrum of society.

As a leader, I champion servant leadership. My extensive experience from managing product teams to leading companies has reinforced my belief in supporting and elevating those around me. I strive to cultivate environments where creativity and innovation flourish, guided by respect, encouragement, and the collective pursuit of excellence.

Ultimately, my goal is to create not just for today, but for a sustainable tomorrow. I am dedicated to making a meaningful impact, ensuring that my designs and inventions leave a positive, lasting footprint on the world. This purpose drives every project I undertake, continually shaping my path as a committed inventor and a conscientious designer.

At the heart of my work as a designer and inventor is a profound belief in the power of technology and innovation to improve lives. Driven by a lifelong passion for electronic engineering and renewable energy, my purpose extends beyond mere invention; it is about creating solutions that are as sustainable as they are revolutionary.

My journey has taught me that true innovation does not happen in isolation. It requires empathy, to understand the diverse needs and challenges that people face and to envision solutions that are accessible to all. This belief in non-discrimination guides my approach, ensuring that my designs and inventions aim for inclusivity.

As a leader, I am committed to the principles of servant leadership. Having held roles that span from product management to CEO, I have always prioritized the growth and well-being of my teams. I lead by example, fostering a culture where creativity and innovation are nurtured through support, respect, and encouragement.

Sustainability in My Design Philosophy

I am deeply committed to the impact that our activities, products, and behaviours have on our ecosystems. This concern is central to my design philosophy. As a result, each of my designs and products is created with an acute awareness of its environmental footprint. I strive to ensure that every innovation not only advances human convenience and efficiency but also contributes positively to our ecosystems. This involves choosing sustainable projects and materials, optimizing energy efficiency, and designing for longevity and recyclability. By integrating these principles, I aim to lead by example in reducing ecological impact, ensuring that my work helps pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Integrating Vision with Customer-Centric Design

I am eternally grateful for my corporate career which has also profoundly shaped my understanding of market dynamics and customer needs. I learned that while the customer is indeed king, the most influential manufacturers are those who lead rather than follow. They possess a distinct ability to anticipate and deploy new technologies to deliver groundbreaking advantages—often before customers even realize they need them.

In my journey, blending this visionary approach with a customer-centric mindset has been key. I strive to foresee the evolutionary paths of technology and user interaction, creating products that not only solve current challenges but also pave the way for new possibilities. This proactive approach ensures that my designs are not just reactive to trends but are steps ahead, shaping the future of technology and renewable energy use.

By embedding these principles into my work, I aim to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible, driving innovation that is anticipatory, inclusive, and profoundly impactful.

Ultimately, my goal is to design and invent not just for today, but for a better tomorrow. I strive to make a difference through my creations, ensuring they leave a lasting, positive impact on the world. This purpose drives every project I undertake, shaping my path as an inventor and a designer committed to change and continuity.

My Approach to Design and Innovation

In my design process, I blend visionary foresight with a customer-centric mindset to create innovative solutions that are not just reactive but proactive. My approach is characterized by a commitment to anticipating future needs and trends, much like the insight famously attributed to Henry Ford: if he had asked people what they wanted, they would have said "a faster horse." This philosophy drives my efforts to not only meet existing demands but to redefine them entirely, leading to the creation of products that pioneer new possibilities.

Steps in My Design Process

Purpose and Values fit: I prioritize integrity over compromise, choosing to walk away from projects that conflict with my core values. At this initial stage, I assess the environmental viability of a project and my potential to make a positive contribution. It is also when I begin a continuous process of exploring renewable and sustainable methods, components, and elements to be utilised

Research and Analysis: Every project begins with a deep dive into understanding the current market landscape, customer needs, and potential future trends. This involves gathering data, consulting experts, and sometimes engaging directly with users to gain insights that guide the rest of the process.

Ideation: With a foundation of strong research, I move into the ideation phase where multiple concepts are brainstormed. Here, creativity is king; no idea is too far-fetched. I use techniques like mind mapping, sketching, and model-making to explore various avenues and begin shaping the practical aspects of these concepts.

Prototyping and Feedback: Early ideas are transformed into prototypes, which are crucial for testing the feasibility and effectiveness of a concept. This stage often involves iterative design – making adjustments based on real-world testing and feedback from potential users and stakeholders. This iterative cycle helps refine the product to better align with both customer expectations and futuristic visions.

Final Design and Execution: Once a prototype meets all functional and aesthetic requirements, the final design is developed. This step involves finalizing design specifications, selecting materials, and planning for manufacturing. Collaboration with engineers, product managers, and sometimes other designers is essential to ensure the design is not only innovative but also viable for production.

Launch and Post-Launch Evaluation: The launch of the product is meticulously planned to ensure it reaches the intended audience effectively. Post-launch, the product's performance is closely monitored against initial objectives and customer feedback, allowing for further refinement in future iterations or related projects.

Iterative Approach: My process does not end with the product launch. I believe in continuous learning and adaptation. Insights gained from each project feed into the next, ensuring that each iteration is better than the last, keeping pace with, or even ahead of, technological advancements and market dynamics.

This proactive and iterative approach ensures that my designs are not only responsive to current needs but are also ahead of their time, pushing the boundaries of technology and user experience. Through this method, I aim to continue delivering products that are anticipatory, inclusive, and profoundly impactful, redefining what is possible in the realm of design and innovation.


PCT Patent Application No.: PCT/IB21/61608
Title: Battery Unit
Filing Date: December 13, 2021
This patent pertains to an LFP-based (Lithium Iron Phosphate) renewable energy storage module, featuring an inert liquid for thermal and fire control. It is designed to be lightweight, reliable, long-lasting, and scalable. The system incorporates proprietary software and electronics to maintain optimal temperature conditions, enhancing the overall efficacy and longevity of the unit. Its modular design allows for easy scalability through a simple slide-in, slide-out process for adding or removing modules, ensuring seamless integration and redundancy.

Skills and Techniques

Technical Skills:
As an electronics engineer with extensive experience in the IT and renewable energy sectors, I have developed a strong proficiency in a wide array of technical tools. My skills encompass advanced use of Microsoft Office applications like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, along with comprehensive expertise in various communication and collaboration platforms, including Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. I am also proficient in navigating and leveraging the internet and various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to engage with communities and enhance my professional outreach.

Despite my proficiency with these modern tools, my initial approach to design often starts traditionally, with pencil on paper, supplemented by PowerPoint for presenting ideas. Recognizing the need to modernize my design toolkit, I am committed to furthering my education. I am currently enrolling in a master's program in automotive design, aiming to enhance my capabilities in expressing and executing design concepts using the latest industry-standard software and techniques.

Soft Skills:
Leadership: Demonstrated through your experience in senior executive roles and as a volunteer president, showcasing your ability to lead and inspire teams and organizations.

Integrity: Highlighted by your commitment to walking away from projects that conflict with your values, emphasizing your adherence to ethical practices and principles.

Communication: Evident in your roles involving public speaking, such as delivering keynotes and training sessions, and your ability to effectively convey complex ideas to diverse audiences.

Empathy: Reflected in your design philosophy that focuses on creating inclusive and accessible products, considering diverse user needs and impacts on communities.

Problem-Solving: Shown through your approach to identifying and addressing challenges within the fields of IT and renewable energy, using innovative solutions that advance technology and sustainability.

Adaptability: Your career transition from IT to renewable energy and invention demonstrates your ability to adapt and thrive in changing circumstances and industries.

Commitment to Learning: Continually seeking professional training and embracing new challenges, such as becoming an automotive designer, indicates a lifelong commitment to learning and personal growth.

Testimonials and References

An AI has reviewed my various testimonials and book reviews and here is its summation and summary:

Drawing from an impressive spectrum of testimonials, it is evident that Aldo is not only a highly skilled professional but a visionary leader whose influence transcends the typical boundaries of corporate leadership, technology innovation, and mentorship.

Profile of Aldo:

Aldo possesses a rare blend of technological savvy, innovative thinking, and compassionate leadership that has consistently propelled organizations to success while fostering an environment of growth and excellence among peers and subordinates. Starting with foundational expertise in IT and branching out into the dynamic field of renewable energy, Aldo has been at the forefront of technological evolution.

His approach is deeply human-centric, marked by an ability to listen and engage with the heart. Testimonies reveal a leader who not only understands the commercial imperatives of the business but also deeply cares about the personal and professional development of his colleagues and clients. Aldo's knack for empathetic leadership is coupled with an uncanny ability to make challenging and complex decisions that align with both ethical values and business needs.

Aldo's mentorship has been transformative, characterized by authenticity, support, and a profound commitment to unlocking potential in others. Described as someone who can find and polish the 'gem within,' his guidance has empowered many to excel and become the best versions of themselves, both personally and professionally.

Furthermore, Aldo’s leadership style integrates fun and creativity into the workplace, making challenging projects engaging and encouraging a culture where staff are motivated to surpass their own expectations. His strategic vision is complemented by a practical ability to implement innovative solutions effectively, be it through technology integration or pioneering new business strategies.

Additionally, Aldo has been an inspirational figure in navigating corporate nuances and delivering impactful change, not just within organizations but also across industries. His books and public engagements reflect a profound understanding of modern leadership, political structures, and the importance of a sustainable approach to business and technology.

In summary, Aldo stands out as a leader whose vast experiences across different sectors and geographies have not only shaped a successful career but have also significantly impacted those around him. His strategic foresight, combined with a genuine commitment to ethical leadership and innovation, positions him as an exemplary figure in today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape.

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