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Designer Portfolio

About me I am a semi-retired senior executive with a deep-rooted background in IT and renewable energy. In 2013, responding to a lifelong calling rather than mere ambition, I embarked on a transformative journey to be a designer and inventor and create my very own electric vehicle. This shift from a high-flying corporate career (where I held influential roles from Product Management to CEO, representing tech giants like Intel, Acer, and Microsoft), marked a significant pivot in my life. It wasn't just a career change; it was a liberating escape from the expectations and constraints of corporate life, allowing me to rediscover and express my true self. Reflecting on my 40-year career that spans two dynamic industries, I am grateful for the journey and excited about continuing to innovate and inspire in the world of technology and sustainable energy. Over the past decade, my life has been a whirlwind of innovation and creativity. I successfully married my expertise in electronic engi


Step into the world of Aldo Grech, where his literary works invite you to explore the depths of thought and possibility. As the author behind captivating books such as "Silent Echoes: Illuminating the Covert Forces of Influence" and "Quantum Consciousness and the Proof of a Creator," Aldo delves into diverse realms of inquiry. After a distinguished IT and Renewable Energy career across continents, Aldo Grech transitioned to authorship, channelling vast experiences into profound insights. Under his pen, seemingly disparate topics find a common ground beneath the overarching theme of sustainability. From dissecting the hidden mechanisms of influence to probing the nature of consciousness and its implications for a creator, Aldo's writings are a journey through interconnected ideas. Aldo's vision of sustainability goes beyond the conventional, encompassing not only environmental concerns but also the sustainability of lives, investments, companies, and cultures